Among the Believers like his other writings on Islam has not earned V S Naipaul too many accolades and these essays are illustrative. Many are about how faith is treated by this writer. Richard Brookhiser feels that the book captures the “appalling ignorance: ignorance of you name it— politics, economics, history, just plain news.” Anouar Majid in a critical assessment of postcolonial project questions the tendency of postcolonial critics to “portray Islam as an undifferentiated monolith, an Islam whose supposed ultimate goal is the dismantling of the most cherished values of the West, namely, freedom of expression, democracy, and human rights” (6). Hossein Nazari highlights Naipaul’s “Orientalist approach and his engagement in ahistorical historicism, which— coupled with a conspicuous ignorance of Iran, Islam, and Shi’ism— has resulted in two of the most notorious literary tirades on Islam and the Muslim World.”